How to Maximize Your Daily Fantasy Sports Winnings

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The Fantasy Sports industry has enjoyed huge expansion thoughout the past few years. Usually, fantasy bastketball leagues had been played through an entire season, with the victor getting the winnings after the end of the tournament. DraftKings promo code DraftKings recently came into the industry and adjusted the model of fantasy leagues. This allows for more frequent game entry and winnings gained on a daily and weekly basis. You are most likely familiar with DraftKings because of their vast marketing budget. They have spent hundreds of millions of dollars in their journey to bring in new users. As a matter of fact it was extremely hard at one time to watch many channels and not see a commercial for their promo code to sign up for DraftKings and receive an enormous cash bonus. This was a really successful game plan, and until the recent legal problems faced by the DFS industry it helped them grow their business nationally. over the last few months, a few regions such as New York and Hawaii have outlawed DraftKings from running their business in their jurisdiction. DraftKings and FanDuel alike have cooperated and put an end to operations in these locations. In the middle of these obstacles, DraftKings recently took their first steps in an expansion to the UK, and also made public a plan to bring their business to Asia and Latin America in the near future. This is a strategic move for the Fantasy Sports industry. They will probably promote their tournaments in a similar manner with promotions for a very big cash bonus when first time contestants sign up and promo codes for free entry to a user’s first contest. We expect Draft Kings to continue to be aggressive, as that is one of the characteristics that has allowed them to be an industry leader. They also advertise the biggest cash prizes, which is super appealing to Fantasy Sports players.
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